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About Table Designer

Table Designer is a tool for creating new tables or changing the structure of the existing ones. It allows you to specify the column type and length, and whether a column will accept null values, as well as to set the Primary Key for the relevant table. You can rename the existing table and change column names, data types and other properties, but saving the existing data in the database even after the table structure has been modified. The identity checkbox activates the autonumber property of a column and generates a unique number for each row in a table.

Column Name

Allows you to specify the name of the column. Click here for guidelines for naming objects in the database.

Column Data Type

The data type of an existing column can be changed provided that the existing data in the column can be implicitly converted to the new data type. For more information, see About data types and column sizes.

Column Data Length

When you select a data type, length is defined automatically. You can increase or decrease the length property only for a column with a data type of binary, char, nchar, varbinary, varchar, or nvarchar. For columns with other data types, the length is derived from the data type and cannot be changed. If the new specified length is smaller than the original column length, all values in the column that exceed the new length are truncated without any warning. It is not possible to change the length of a column defined with a PRIMARY KEY or FOREIGN KEY constraint.

Note:  Changing the column data length re-creates the table in the database when you save the table.


Indicates whether the column will allow null values. For more information, see Null values.


Creates a single identifier column that contains system-generated sequential values that uniquely identify each row within the table. See Autonumbering and identifier columns.

Primary Key

You can create a primary key column by selecting an existing column in the Table Designer and pressing the Primary Key button on the toolbar. An appropriate icon will be displayed in front of the column name.


Close the window after saving the table

Closes the Table Designer after pressing the Save button. If this option is not selected you can change and create new tables without starting the Table Designer for each table.

Save layout on exit

Saves the order of column headers, width, and row height in the Table Designer.

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