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About copying and pasting data

BaseNow allows you to copy data from one database into another using a very simple technique available in every text editor. If you want to copy some data, you first need to select them in the source database and then press CTRL+C on the keyboard. In order to move them into the destination database, select the data in the Object Browser first and then press CTRL+V after you have chosen the table to which you want to transfer the data.

Thus, the program can move very large quantities of data using an intuitive method which most computer users who work with text-processing programs (Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.) have already become accustomed to.

This program makes it extremely easy to work with data. Programs like Microsoft Access also allow you to copy data in a similar way, but they have two major drawbacks. BaseNow successfully solves the following problems:

1.       Data are not stored in the computer memory and, consequently, do not burden the resources.

During copying, the data are not stored in the computer memory, but are temporary saved on the hard disk. When you move the data into the destination database, the temporary files are deleted, freeing the space on the hard disk.

2.       Data can be copied between heterogeneous databases, not only between those of the same type.

BaseNow can link and copy data between any database. For instance, by using the CTRL+C and CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts, you can easily copy a part of or the entire Oracle database onto a SQL Server. You can move data from Excel into Access, and similar.

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