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About grouping records

If you want to create subtotals or show summary information for a table, you create groups using an aggregate query. Each group summarizes the data for all the rows in the table that have the same value. To see how to group records using SQL Query Builder, see Group Rows in query results.

You can group records in a report based on the values in one or more fields. For example, to look at all the orders shipped on a specific date, you could group records on the values in the ShippedDate field and sort on the values in the Country and Company fields.

BaseNow group records with the part of its user interface that is called Group By box. It is on the top of the Grid on the main screen. If you cannot see it, you can enable Group By box in three ways:

1. By pressing F3 on your keyboard.

2. By clicking the Group button on the toolbar-u.

3. By setting the GroupByBoxVisible property of the Layout toolbar.

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