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About views

A view is a virtual table whose contents are defined by an SQL query. A view acts as a filter on the underlying tables referenced in the view. The query that defines the view can be from one or more tables or from other views in the current or other databases. Views are generally used to focus, simplify, and customize the perception each user has of the database.

A view does not exist as a stored set of data values in a database. The rows and columns of data come from tables referenced in the query defining the view and are produced dynamically when the view is referenced. The view simplifies access to the data because the underlying query does not have to be written or submitted each time the report is generated.

Views allow users to focus on specific data that interests them. Views can simplify how users manipulate data. You can define frequently used joins, projections, UNION queries, and SELECT queries as views so that users do not have to specify all the conditions and qualifications. For example, a view can be created that retrieves only the data for the customers with whom an account manager deals. The view can determine which data to retrieve based on the login ID of the account manager who uses the view.

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