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Add or edit data

There are three ways you can add or edit data in BaseNow. You can use the Grid on the main window, Records Editor, or the Run SQL tool. After you open the data source and the table or view you would like to work on, you can manage the data directly in the Grid.

Add or edit data using Grid

To add a new record

If the Grid has the NewRowPos propery in the Layout window set to TOP, you can add the new record by entering required data in the first row in the Grid. You can press TAB to go to the next field. After you finish entering your data, press the Enter on the keyboard to add a new record.

This picture shows where you need to enter the data in the Grid if the NewRowPos property is set to BOTTOM. The new row is added to the database when you press Enter or move to another record.

Note: when the Grid is in the Card view you cannot add new records.

To edit an existing record

Editing existing records is easy. To edit data within a field, click in the field you want to edit, and then type the data.


 To correct a typing mistake, press BACKSPACE. To cancel your changes in the current field, press ESC. To cancel your changes in the entire record, press ESC again before you move out of the field.

 When you move to another record, BaseNow saves your changes.

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