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Adding, deleting, modifying, and renaming columns

Adding columns

You can add columns to a table in the Table Designer dialog box. Enter the column name, choose the data type and lenght for the column. It is possible to allow null values in the column and you can also create a primary key. Selecting the Identity check box will configure the autonumber property for the column. This will generate a unique number for each row in a table. After you press the Save button on the toolbar, the table will reflect all changes.

Deleting columns

There are two ways to delete the column in a table. You can do that by openning the Table Designer tool, changing the structure of the table and saving the changes. Another, quicker way is to right-click the column name, and choose the Delete option.

Modifying columns

You should use the Table Designer to modify the column properties. Three column properties are required before you can create a table in the database: column name, data type, and data length. The properties of a column can be changed, for example, by renaming it, altering its length, specifying a default value, and so on.

Renaming Columns

It is possible to rename columns using Table Designer, but the simplest way is to right-click the column and choose the Rename option. An input box will pop-up where you can enter the new name.

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