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Choosing data source and destination

Choose a data source(destination)

In the first step of the Import/Export Wizard, it is necessary to state the information about the data source and the data destination. All the program needs to know about a database connection is written in two text boxes. The program uses the so-called connection string, which is, in fact, a line of text generated by the Data Link Properties window.

When you click on the …button next to the description of each database connection, the Data Link Properties window will be displayed. To find out more, see Connect to existing database.

If you choose a text file as your data destination, the ‘Configure text file format’ option will allow you to define the way in which the data will be written in that file. For more information, see Working with text files.

Load package settings from a file

Downloads the previously saved package into the Wizard and sets the options according to the data from the package.

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