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Connect to existing database

BaseNow can connect to OLE DB and ODBC data sources. To connect the program to an existing database, you need to define connection properties using the Data Link window. Data Link window allows you to select an OLE DB provider to connect to your database. With the OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers, you can also connect to an ODBC data source.

Data Link window displays a set of property pages that allow you to build a connection string to connect to your database. A data link is the connection information that a data consumer uses to access a data source through the OLE DB provider of that data source.

Each OLE DB provider defines specific connection information. For example, Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server requires a server name, server location, and a user name, and you may want to define additional information, such as a password or whether or not you want to use Microsoft Windows NT integrated security.

In general, to define connection information in the Data Link Properties dialog box:

  • Click the Provider tab, select the OLE DB provider, and then click Next to display the Connection tab to enter specific connection information for that OLE DB provider. Note that depending on how you get to the Data Link Properties dialog box, the Provider tab may not be available. Access automatically defines the provider as the currently open Access database or SQL Server database connected to the open Access project.

  • Click the Advanced tab to provide additional information, such as network settings and access permissions.

  • Click the All tab to define initialization properties for that OLE DB provider.

Press the Help button in the Data Link Properties dialog box to display additional information on using the dialog box and defining connection information for each OLE DB provider.

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