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Connection Settings

Save positions in tables and views

Saves positions in a table or a view. If you have tables with many records, it is useful to save the position of the record on which you have positioned the cursor so that when you open the table again you could automatically go to that record. For example, if you find a customer by Search and Replace tool whose e-mail address needs to be changed and you need to compare his records with those in some other table, when you go back to the original table, you will not have to look for the record again in the table with customers information. The program will automatically position the table to the previously selected record.

Load last opened table/view at start

Displays the last opened table or view. Before the program closes, this option will save the data about the table that was last active. At the next startup of the program, the last displayed table or view will be automatically opened. If you activate this option and if the program does not manage to establish a connection to the database, there might be a slight pause in starting up the program. This is sometimes the case when you access the data over the network and when the SQL Server, Oracle or similar data source is currently unavailable.

Prompt for a connection string when connecting to a database

When creating a connection in the Object Browser, the program will, instead of showing the Data Link Properties window, display a dialog box where you need to enter a connection string. This is an option for advanced users allowing them to set some minor details of the database connection which have not been displayed in the Data Link Properties window. BaseNow uses ADO connection strings for establishing connections to databases.

Open .mdb Access files when you double-click them

When you select this option, the program changes the file association in Windows settings and opens Microsoft Access .mdb files instead of Access. A connection in the Object Browser is automatically created and the database structure downloaded. To cancel the file association and open .mdb files from Access again, simply deselect the option.

Timeout Settings

Use the Command or Connection timeout settings to allow the cancellation due to delays from network traffic or heavy server use. If the interval set in the Command Timeout property elapses before the command completes execution, an error occurs and BaseNow cancels the command. If you set the property to zero, the program will wait indefinitely until the execution is complete. Make sure the provider and data source to which you are writing code supports the Command timeout functionality.


Indicates how long to wait while opening a table or a view, or executing a SQL statement before terminating the attempt and generating an error.


Indicates how long to wait while establishing a connection to the data source before terminating the attempt and generating an error.

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