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Create a table

When you design a database, you decide what tables you need and what type of data goes in each table. After you have designed the database, the tables that will store the data in the database can be created. The most efficient way to create a table is to define everything you need in the table at one time, including its data restrictions and additional components. However, you can also create a basic table, add some data to it, and then work with it for a while. This approach gives you a chance to see what types of transactions are most common and what types of data are frequently entered before you commit to a firm design by adding constraints, indexes, defaults, rules, and other objects.

Things you should consider before creating a table:

Types of data the table will contain.

Columns in the table and the data type for each column.

Which columns accept null values.

Types of indexes needed, where required, and which columns are primary keys and which are foreign keys.

Table Designer tool

You use the Table Designer tool in BaseNow to create a new table. To open Table Designer, you need to chose the appropriate option from the Tools menu, or you can right-click the connection name in the Object Browser and choose New Table option. Keyboard shortcut for Table Designer is 'CTRL+Shift+N'.

To add a new table into a database you first need to enter its name in the Table text box. Enter the names of all columns, choose the appropriate data type and lenght for each column. You can allow null values in columns and select a column that will serve as a primary key for the table. After you define the table structure, press the Save button on the toolbar to save your changes to the database.

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