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Designing a view

SQL queries

You use SQL queries to create a view in the database. An SQL query is a query you create by using an SQL statement such as SELECT, UPDATE, or DELETE, and includes clauses such as WHERE and ORDER BY.  You can use Structured Query Language (SQL) to query, update, and manage relational databases.

When you create a query in SQL Query Builder BaseNow constructs the equivalent SQL statements behind the scenes for you. You can create new or edit the existing views using SQL Query Builder.


Before you create a view, consider these guidelines:

 You can create views only in the current database.

 You can build views on other views.

 View names must follow the rules for naming objects. Additionally, the name must not be the same as any tables.

 As rows are added or updated through a view, they disappear from the scope of the view when they no longer fall into the criteria of the query defining the view.

 You want to give any column in the view a name different from the column from which it is derived. (You can also rename columns in the view.) A view column inherits the data type of the column from which it is derived, whether or not you rename it.

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