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Filtering rows with WHERE and HAVING statements

WHERE and HAVING statements helps you place a query or an advanced filter to identify the specific records you want to work with. For example, instead of viewing all the rows in the Customers table, you can view just customers from Europe. To do this, you specify criteria that limits the results to records whose Region field is "Europe". The expression in this example would be "Europe". You can use more complicated expressions, however, such as "Between 1000 And 5000".

WHERE Statement

In SQL, search conditions appear in the WHERE clause of the statement, or if you are creating an aggregate query, in the HAVING clause. When the query runs, the database engine examines and applies the search condition to each row in the tables you are searching. If the row meets the condition, it is included in the query. For example, a search condition that would find all the employees in a particular region might be: region = 'UK'

HAVING Statement

The HAVING clause is typically used in conjunction with the GROUP BY clause, although it can be specified without GROUP BY. For example, the SQL statement with the HAVING clause might look like this:

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