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General Properties


Type the name of the job (in this case, Create Database 1) in the Name text box. The job name can have up to 128 characters. Each job on a server must have a unique name. Be sure to use a descriptive name.


You use the Enabled check box to specify whether the job should be enabled or disabled. You might want to initially disable the job to test it manually to ensure it functions properly. When you have tested the job and know that it is working correctly, use this check box to enable the job so that it will run as scheduled.

Job Type

Select a type for the job (in this case Create Database). Job types are defined by the database tools included in the BaseNow.


Enabled only when creating a new job. When you click this button, the database tool selected in the Job Type drop down list is displayed and you are able to change the Job properties.

Last run date

Shows the last date and time when the job was started by BaseNow Agent.

Next run date

Shows next date and time when the job will be started by BaseNow Agent.

Last run status

Displays the summary of the last job execution.



 All jobs are enabled by default. To prevent a job from running according to its schedule, you must disable the schedule. The job can still execute when you runs it manually. See Managing a Job.

 BaseNow Agent automatically disables schedules that are no longer current. If you edit the schedule after it has been disabled by BaseNow Agent, you must explicitly reenable it. Schedules are disabled if:

 They are defined to run one time, at a specific date and time, and that time has passed.

 They are defined to run on a recurring schedule, and the end date has passed.

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