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Grid Pane

In the Grid pane, you can specify the attributes of the query. Attributes like Field Names, Group By operations and Where Clauses can be specified in this element of SQL Query Builder.

Grid pane columns




Displays the name of the column used for the query or the expression for a computed column.


Specifies an alternate name for a column.


Specifies the name of the table for the associated column.


Specifies whether a column appears in the query output. If you do not want the search columns or expressions to appear in the query output, clear the Output column for each search column or expression to remove them as output columns.

Sort Type

Specifies that the column is used to sort the results. You can choose ascending or descending sorting.

Sort Order

Specifies the sort priority for columns used to sort the results.

Group By

Specifies that the associated data column is being used to create an aggregate query. This grid column appears only if you have chosen Group By from the toolbar or have added a GROUP BY clause to the SQL pane.


Specifies a search condition (filter) for the associated data column. Enter an operator (the default is "=") and the value to search for. Enclose text values in single quotation marks.

If the associated data column is part of a GROUP BY clause, the expression you enter is used for a HAVING clause.


Specifies an additional search condition expression for the data column, linked to previous expressions with a logical OR. You can add more Or ... grid columns by pressing the TAB key in the rightmost Or ... column.


In the Grid pane you can specify:

 Columns to display and column name aliases.

 The table that a column belongs to.

 Expressions for calculated columns.

 The sort order for the query.

 Search conditions.

 Grouping criteria, including aggregate functions to use for summary reports.

Changes you make in the Grid pane are automatically reflected in the Diagram pane and SQL pane. Similarly, the Grid pane is updated automatically to reflect changes made in the other panes.

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