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How to connect to a remote server

BaseNow can connect to the databases that are located on a local computer, i.e. on the same computer where BaseNow is installed. Also, the program can connect to the databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, and the like, which may be located on some other continent and to which the connection is established over the Internet. Data are transmitted over the network, either local or the Internet, in most cases using TCP/IP protocol.

The program has been optimized to work with remote servers over the Internet connection or LAN. The network is often slow and data transmission can result in traffic congestion. When the Local Cursor option of the program is used, BaseNow does not connect to a remote server every time a record is to be displayed or it is necessary to move from one record to another. Instead, the program performs all the operations on a copy of the table or the database on the local hard disk. When a connection is established, the relevant data are transmitted to the local computer. Consequently, their processing is accelerated and the database server off-loaded. You can expect a delay while the program caches data on the local computer.

In a situation when many clients who do not use local cursor are connected to the database server at the same time, working with data becomes considerably slower and the data from the server can even become unavailable.

The example on the video shows how a connection with an SQL Server located on the Internet is created. Its IP address, database name, username and password are entered in the Data Link Properties window. Today, a number of web hosting companies which have Windows NT/2000 servers offer the SQL Server option which allows you to have your data available on the Internet 24 hours a day. BaseNow makes the data manipulation and database structure modification much easier for you.

Connect to a remote server.avi  (cannot see the video? click here)

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