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How to import data from a text file

Using Import/Export Wizard, the data from a text file can be imported into the database which is opened in the program or exported from a database into a text file. This is a very useful functionality, since almost all database programs, e-mail, spreadsheet, and similar programs, have the Export functionality for saving the data from the program in a text file.

BaseNow can display text files and enable manipulation with them in an almost completely the same way as with any database. The folder on a hard disk will be presented as a database, and all text files from the folder as tables.

BaseNow uses ODBC technology for connection to text files. The video demonstrates how in a few simple steps the data from a text file containing a list of e-mail addresses can be transferred to the Mailing List database in Access 2000 format. You can also see how to set the connection parameters for text files using the Data Link Properties window.

Import from text.avi  (cannot see the video? click here)

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