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Managing a Job

You can manage and edit your existing jobs. You can manually start, stop, disable, enable, edit, and create jobs in BaseNow. Some options are available when you right-click a job name. Click the Jobs icon in the Object Browser to display information about the BaseNow Agent jobs in the right side of the main window.

 To start a job, right-click the job name in the right pane of Enterprise Manager and choose Start Job from the shortcut menu.

 To stop a job that is currently running and to cancel any retries that are configured, right-click the job name and choose Stop Job from the shortcut menu.

 To disable a job so that it can be tested without allowing it to be performed at its scheduled time, or for any other reason, right-click the job name and choose Disable Job from the shortcut menu. Choose Enable Job to re-enable the job.

 To edit a job, a schedule, or any other property of a job, right-click the job name and choose Properties from the shortcut menu to display the job's Properties window, which contains the same three tabs you used to create the job. Make your modifications, and then click OK.

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