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Object Browser elements

Object Browser is the main part of the programís user interface. It displays connections to databases together with complete structure of tables and views. It is composed of several different elements. With a right click you will get the context menu with the commands that can be executed. Each element has a menu with different commands. Thus, for example, if you right-click the Packages, the commands related to operations with packages will be displayed.


Contains a list of connections to databases. Every connection includes information about the relevant database and all settings of tables and views. Database elements can be found within every connection. You can view the data by left-clicking on the name of a table or a view.


Contains a list of saved packages. Packages are useful when you want to save the settings of one of database tools. A left click on the Packages in the Object Browser will display the packages which you can then start or edit, or you can create a completely new package.

BaseNow Agent

BaseNow Agent is a Windows service program separate from BaseNow that works on NT/2000/XP and Win9x family of operating systems. Windows service programs do not have a visible user interface. All the messages from the program are entered into the Windows event log, unlike the classic Windows program where dialog boxes are displayed. The BaseNow Agent service is set via BaseNow user interface. Right-click on the BaseNow Agent in the Object Browser + Properties and the Properties dialog box will appear which you can use to set the BaseNow Agent.


Displays all jobs currently scheduled in BaseNow Agent. Left-click on the Jobs and a list of jobs will be displayed on the right side of the main screen. A job is automatically added to the BaseNow Agent when in some of the packages database tools you schedule the execution of a saved package for specific time intervals.


A left click on the Logs displays all the messages entered by BaseNow Agent during execution. The status of execution of some of the jobs and generated errors, if any, are entered into the log file.

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