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Other Shortcuts Bar options

A right click on the Shortcuts Bar displays a menu with options that you can use to set the appearance of the Shortcuts Bar, to add, change and delete groups, and otherwise modify the shortcuts on the Shortcuts Bar.

Add New Group

Adds a new group to the Shortcuts Bar. The group can be used to organize the shortcuts.

Remove Group

Deletes a group from the Shortcuts Bar.

Rename Group

Changes the name of groups in the Shortcuts Bar.

Hide Shortcuts Bar

Closes the Shortcuts Bar. This option is useful when you need more space for displaying other elements on the main screen.


Sets the alignment of all shortcuts in the Shortcuts Bar. Please note that if you change the alignment of shortcuts in one group, the alignment in other groups remains unchanged. Thanks to this, every group can display the shortcuts in its own way. The same rule applies to the Caption Position and Style properties of shortcuts.

Caption Position

Sets the position of the caption relative to it's icon.


Sets the default display style of shortcuts (standard, icon, text, or icon & text).

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