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Repair E-mail Addresses

This tool searches all records and if it finds an e-mail addresses which had been entered incorrectly or include invalid characters, it will attempt to correct them by correcting the characters. It can also select rows that contain them, or remove the addresses from the table.


Sets the database connection properties. This option allows you to choose the name of the connection from the drop-down list.

Table name

Allows you to specify the name of the table you want to modify.

Column name

Select a column name from the table which contains e-mail addresses.


Specifies the type of action that will be performed.




Repairs e-mail addresses.

Repair and Remove

Repairs e-mail addresses and removes ones that cannot be repaired from the table.


Removes all records from the table that contain invalid e-mail addresses.


Selects all invalid addresses and does not modify the records.

Remove invalid characters

Sets the value indicating whether to remove invalid characters from e-mail addresses.

Replace commas (,) with dots (.)

Sets the value indicating whether to replace comma characters with dots in e-mail addresses.

Check for @ character

Sets the value indicating whether to check for (@) characters in e-mail addresses.

Check for . character

Sets the value that indicates whether to check for (.) characters in e-mail addresses.

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