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Schedule package for later execution

You can schedule every package to run at predefined intervals. If the schedule is not modified, the default is to run the package daily at 12:00 midnight. The program will enter all required information into the BaseNow Agent settings. BaseNow Agent is a Windows service program that runs scheduled packages in the background without any user intervention.

You can schedule a saved package to execute at specific times, either once or at recurring intervals. For example:

 Daily at 12:00 midnight.

 Weekly on Sunday at 6:00 A.M.

 The first or last day of the month.

A scheduled package is executed by BaseNow Agent as a job. When you schedule a package, it is automatically added in the Jobs list. Click Jobs in the Object Browser to see all Jobs in the BaseNow Agent. Because BaseNow Agent controls the underlying automation for scheduling, it must be running for any scheduled packages to execute. To schedule a package for execution, do one of the following:

1. Double-click the Schedule execution option in the database tool window.

2. Choose Packages in the Object Browser. Double click the package you want to schedule and click Schedules tab in the window. Click the New Schedule button.

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