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Search and Replace

This tool behaves similar to the Search and Replace dialog box. You can locate specific records or find certain values within columns in a table. You can navigate through records as BaseNow finds each occurrence of the item you are looking for.


Sets the database connection properties. This option allows you to choose the name of the connection from the drop-down list.

Table name

Sets the name of the table.

Column name

Select a column to search through all records.


Specifies the type of action that will be performed.


The program will select the first record that matches the specified criteria.

Find all

The program selects all records that match the specified criteria at once.


Replaces each occurrence one at a time.

Replace all

Replaces all occurrences of the specified value at once.


Select one of the match types:

Match type


Any Part of Field

"berg" finds Bergen and Heidelberg.

Whole Field

"London" finds London, but not Londonderry.

Start of Field

"berg" finds Bergen, but not Heidelberg.

Does not contain

Finds the records that do not contain the specified value.

Greater Than

"3" finds 4, 5, 6

Less Than

"3" finds 1, 2

Is Null

Finds all records where the specified column does not contain any value.

Before Date

Finds values before specified date.

After Date

Finds values after specified date.

Note: you cannot use ’Any Part of Field’ and ’Start of Field’ criteria with numeric columns.

Replace method

Indicates whether the program has to replace entire value in the field, or just the matching string.

Search text

Type the value you want to find.

Replace text

In the Replace text box, type the value you want to replace the matching text with.

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