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Select records

To select a record

To select a single record you can just click on it in the Grid. If the RowHeaders property in the Layout window is set to True, you can select the record by clicking the row header on the left side:

You can use the Record Navigator to select a certain record by pressing the Next and Forward buttons. If you enter the number of the record in the text box, the program will automatically jump to that record.

To select all records in the Grid

There are certain situations where it is useful to quickly select all records in a table, for example, when you want to copy all records to a backup table. The fastest way is to press the CTRL+A on your keyboard, by you can also right-click the Grid and select the Select All option:

To select multiple records

To select only certain records in the table, hold the CTRL key while clicking on the records you want to include in the selection. You can click the records in the Grid or click the row header on the left side of each record.

Press and hold the SHIFT key to select a range of records. You can select only one record and while holding the SHIFT key click on the record above or below it. All records within the choosen range will be selected.

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