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Sort records

Sort in ascending or descending order

For example, you can sort a sales column in ascending order or an employee name column in descending order. The order in which you sort the columns determines how the data will be organized.

In this example, data is organized by OrderDate.

When sorting multiple columns while the records are grouped in the grid, first determine the order in which you want to sort the columns, and then work backward, sorting the outermost column last. For example, if you are sorting two columns, determine which is the outer column and which is the inner column. Sort the inner column first, and then sort the outer column. To list the products in alphabetical order for each salesperson, you would first sort the inner Product column and then sort the outer Salesperson column.


 When you sort a field in ascending order, any records in which that field is blank (contains a Null value) are listed first.

 To sort dates and times from earlier to later, use ascending order. Use descending order to sort from later to earlier.

 Numbers stored in Text fields are sorted as strings of characters, not numeric values.

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