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User Interface Settings

Save toolbar settings

If this option is active, it saves the order and settings of all toolbars in the user interface. It is possible to change the name, position and many other things with the toolbar buttons. To reset the user interface and restore the original settings of the program, choose View/Restore Default Toolbars from the menu.

Save grid layouts

Saves all the settings of the grid used for tables and views. The program can save the order of columns, color, fonts, aggregate functions, grouping of columns, and many other settings for every table/view. When you open the table again, the program downloads all the settings and changes its layout automatically.

Show progress while loading data from table or view

Shows progress bar when connecting and loading the data from tables or views.

Generate report when clicking on a connection in Object Browser

This option generates a short report when you click on a connection name in the Object Browser. This report is displayed on the right side of the screen instead of a grid and it shows the database structure, names of tables, columns, views and their SQL Statements. The report also shows the number of records in every table and some other useful information about the database.

Show welcome page at start

Shows the default welcome page after the program startup.

Show column data types in Object Browser

Shows the column data type to the right of the column name as in the figure below.

Show index and primary key icons in Object Browser

Adds an appropriate icon to the left of the column in order to distinguish the primary key and indexed columns in a table from others.

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