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Online Help

This page contains links to all pages in the BaseNow documentation.

BaseNow Help
       Getting Started
             System requirements
             Keyboard shortcuts
             License agreement
             Differences between versions of BaseNow
       BaseNow Architecture
             BaseNow architecture overview
             BaseNow Components
                   Object Browser
                   BaseNow Agent
                   Customized Grid Layouts
                   Create Database Wizard
                   Copy and Paste operations
                   Import/Export Wizard
                   SQL Query Builder
                   Database Tools
                   Table Designer
                   Indexes Manager
                   Relationships Manager
                   Local Cursor Service
                   Records Editor
                   Run SQL
       User Interface
             Object Browser
                   Object Browser overview
                   Object Browser elements
             Shortcut Bars
                   About Shortcuts Bars
                   Create or change a shortcut
                   Create or remove a group
                   Other Shortcuts Bar options
             Toolbars and menus
                   Customizing main window
                   Advanced user interface features
       How To
                   How to create a database
                   How to open a database
                   How to view a list of objects in a database
                   How to connect to a remote server
                   How to create a shortcut to a database on the Shortcut Bar
                   How to create a table
                   How to change columns in an existing table
                   How to create an index
                   How to create relationships between tables
                   How to create a shortcut to a table or a view on the Shortcut Bar
                   How to create a view
                   How to rename a view
                   How to delete a view
                   How to transfer data using Copy and Paste functionality
                   How to import data from a text file
                   How to export data into a text file
       Creating and Working with Databases
             Opening a database
                   About database connections
                   Connect to existing database
                   Open Microsoft Access files with the program
                   Connection Properties
                   Create a shortcut to a database on the Shortcuts Bar
                   Rename a database connection
                   Delete a database connection
                   About Connection Strings
             Creating a database
                   Designing a database
                   Database performance
                   Creating a new database
       Creating and Maintaining Tables and Views
             Opening and viewing tables and views
             Create a shortcut to a table or a view on the Shortcuts Bar
             Change the appearance of tables and views
             Delete duplicate records from a table
             Guidelines for naming objects
             Null values
                   About tables
                   Create a table
                   Delete a table
                   About Table Designer
                         Adding, deleting, modifying, and renaming columns
                         Autonumbering and identifier columns
                         Column Data Types
                               About data types and column sizes
                               Data types in Microsoft Access
                               Data types in Microsoft SQL Server
                               Change a column's data type or size
                   Indexes and primary keys
                         About indexes
                         About Indexes Manager
                         About primary keys
                         Set or change the primary key
                         Create and change indexes
                         About relationships in a database
                         About Relationships Manager
                         Create or change relationships
                   About views
                   Designing a view
                   Create or edit a view
                   Saving a view
                   SQL Queries
                         Performing Calculations
                               About calculations in a view
                               Create a calculate column in a view
                               About aggregate functions
                               Specifying conditions for groups
                               Group Rows in query results
                         Filtering rows with WHERE and HAVING statements
                         Sorting rows with ORDER BY
                         Using joins
       SQL Query Builder
             About SQL Query Builder
             SQL Query Builder Layout
                   About the SQL Query Builder Layout
                   Diagram Pane
                   Grid Pane
                   SQL Pane
                   Results Pane
             Add or remove a table or view
             Add or remove a column
             Customize the table and view names
             Customize the column names
             Using criteria to retrieve certain records
             Expression Builder
             Using wildcard characters
             Comparison operators
             Logical operators
             Mathematical operators
             Show or hide a column in a view's results
             Group Rows in query results
             Execute a query in the SQL Query Builder
       Working with Data
             Add or edit data
             Record Navigator
             Select records
             Delete records
             Move a column
             Change a column's width
             Resize rows
             About Run SQL tool
             Aggregate functions in group footer
             Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Records
                   Copy records
                   Paste records
                   When source and destination columns do not match
                   Column mappings
                   Move or copy records to another table
             Grouping Data
                   About grouping records
                   Group records
                   Delete group
             Card View
                   About Card View
                   Enable and disable Card View
             Sorting Data
                   About sorting records
                   Sort records
                   Delete a sort
             Search and Replace
                   About Search and Replace tool
                   Find values in a table
                   Replace values in a table
             Records Editor
                   About Records Editor
                   Add or edit data with Records Editor
       Database Tools
             Database Tools overview
             Advanced settings
             Schedule package for later execution
             Scheduling options
                   Repair E-mail Addresses
                   Search and Replace
                   Compare Tables
                   Filter Records
                   Filter Through Text File
                   Remove Duplicate Recipients
                   Remove Duplicate Records
                   Execute SQL Query
       Database Wizards
                   About Import/Export Wizard
                   Choosing data source and destination
                   Specifying the type of the source data
                   Specifying source tables and views
                   Specifying SQL statement
                   Column mappings and destination table options
                   Completing the wizard
                   Working with text files
             Create Database
                   About Create Database Wizard
                   Creating a new database
                   Database file details
                   Transaction log file details
                   Create a new table
                   Completing the wizard
       Importing and Exporting data
             About exporting and importing data
             Automate importing and exporting
             Transferring data between heterogeneous data sources
             About Packages
             Package execution logging
             Schedule package
             Scheduling options
       BaseNow Agent
             About BaseNow Agent
             Install and uninstall a BaseNow Agent service
             Start and stop a BaseNow Agent service
             BaseNow Agent Properties
                   Account and Password
                   E-mail Settings
                   About Jobs
                   Creating a Job
                   Managing a Job
                   Viewing the Job History
                   General Properties
             Connection Settings
             User Interface Settings

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