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System requirements

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP, 32 MB RAM. PC 486 or higher recommended, about 30 megabytes of hard drive space, working connection to the Internet. The program also requires Internet Explorer version 4.01 SP2 or higher. See more...


Choose the version of the program you would like to download. The trial version is free and you can download it right now.

BaseNow Trial v1.1.7

Free 30 day trial version of BaseNow, our database front-end program that contains built-in deduplication, data validation, and import/export tools.

Size: 27MB

BaseNow Standard v1.1.7 (customers only)

Standard Edition of BaseNow

Size: 27MB

BaseNow Professional v1.1.7 (customers only)

Professional Edition of BaseNow

Size: 27MB


Help file

BaseNow help file is available for download. The size is about 3MB. This file is included in the trial and full versions of the program. Click here to download.


You can download all the videos that show how the main features work. They are all compressed into a 1.6MB single zip file. You also need to download a codec from this page. Click here to download the videos.

Bug Fixes

To download the latest bug fixes please visit this web page.


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