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Known issues and bug fixes

BaseNow depends on OLE DB providers and ODBC drivers that provide a standardized access to a range of database formats. Some drivers/providers only partially support features you can expect from a relational database system. For example, you can open the text file and transform the data into some other format, but since the ODBC driver for text files does not support updating, it cannot be edited. There are many other similar issues. Below is a list of known limitations, all the bug fixes, and workarounds.

HotFix 1 for Windows XP Service Pack 1 - 10/20/2002
HotFix 1 fixes the problem introduced by the Service Pack 1 for Windows XP. The program freezes when the certain windows are opened on a machine with Windows XP SP1. Click here to download the 300K file.

MySQL Instructions - 10/04/2002
I have created a web page where you can find instructions for connecting to MySQL using either ODBC or OLE DB. You can also find the links to OLE DB providers:

BaseNow Agent Dialog Box Error - 9/13/2002
You cannot configure BaseNow Agent service to work using a user account that does not have password in the BaseNow Agent Properties window. You need to use the Services window from the Control Panel/Administrative Tools. See this web page for more information.

Installing BaseNow Agent - 9/13/2002
On Windows NT/2000/XP systems BaseNow Agent service can only work using the user account that has administrator rights.

1. You need to be logged on using the user account that installed the program in order to setup BaseNow Agent.

2. Right-click BaseNow Agent in the Object Browser and choose �Properties�.

3. Enter the name and password of the active user account and press the OK button.

4. Right-click BaseNow Agent in the Object Browser and choose �Start� to start the Service. If the user account does not have 'log on as a service' rights, you should open the Services window from 'Control Panel/Administrative Tools' and configure the service login information from there.

BaseNow Agent Automation Error - 8/16/2002
When installing BaseNow Agent service on Windows 2000/XP computers, you may get a "Automation error. Unspecified error." error message. To fix that problem you should download the .reg file from this location. When you double-click it, it will make neccessary changes in the Registry.

  If you use Microsoft Jet 3.51 OLE DB provider in copy/paste operations, the resulting tables will always have order of columns sorted alphabetically. Use the Jet 4.0 provider to fix this.

  BaseNow cannot change the structure of Excel sheets, dBase and FoxPro tables.

  To open Paradox databases, you should have Borland Database Engine installed (BDE). Download it from:

  In the search and replace tool you cannot use �Any Part of Field� and �Start of Field� criteria for numeric columns.

  The program can only create database reports for Access and SQL Server databases.

  Copy/Paste operations may not work with tables that are connected to other tables with foreign keys. This is because the database engine enforces referential integrity and does not update records if you try to enter a value that does not exist in the related table.

  The program cannot create views in Access 97 databases.

  In Access databases you cannot create Identity/Autonumber columns using Jet 3.51 OLE DB provider.

  Text files cannot be updated.

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