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Compare the Editions of BaseNow

There are three different versions of BaseNow:

BaseNow Trial

Unrestricted version of the program that expires after 30 days. This version has all the features from the Professional Edition.

BaseNow Standard Edition

The Standard edition is intended for those users who do not require automation features of the BaseNow Agent nor the ability to save all settings from the database tools to packages. If you do not require the mentioned options, then the Standard Edition is a definite choice for you. You will always be able to upgrade your existing version when you want to, simply by paying the difference in price.

BaseNow Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is intended for advanced users who have a need for complete automation. This version has a BaseNow Agent service that provides a full-function scheduling engine and it allows you to schedule your own jobs defined in one of various database tools in BaseNow. BaseNow Agent is able to perform any action from BaseNow without need for your participation.

BaseNow Professional also has a built-in possibility to save all settings as a package. When executed, the package connects to the correct data sources, copies data and database objects, transforms data, and notifies other users or processes of events. Packages can be edited and scheduled for execution.

Comparison Table

You can see the differences between the free and the professional version of the product in the comparison table below. Click here to purchase BaseNow.

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