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Quick-Start Videos

Below you will find a quick �how-to� instructions that will help you perform the most common operations in BaseNow.


                   How to transfer data using Copy and Paste functionality
                   How to import data from a text file
                   How to export data into a text file


                   How to create a database
                   How to open a database
                   How to view a list of objects in a database
                   How to connect to a remote server
                   How to create a shortcut to a database on the Shortcut Bar


                   How to create a table
                   How to change columns in an existing table
                   How to create an index
                   How to create relationships between tables
                   How to create a shortcut to a table or a view on the Shortcut Bar


                   How to create a view
                   How to rename a view
                   How to delete a view

To view these videos you need to install the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec on your computer. Click here for more information.

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